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Vermont Network Leaders in Literacy -- 2009 Planning Wiki




Vermont DOE Network Wiki -- Links for each content area's network materials.



Registered Participants:

Network Materials -- Please print and bring to the meeting:


          Click here for  K-3 Spring 09 Packet.pdf 


          Click here for  4 6 Agenda Materials.pdf


          Click here for  7_12 Agenda_Materials.pdf




NEW Resources for all leaders:

  1.  A colleague sent me this video called "Yes We Will" about education, urging Barak Obama to take action on change for schools -- very powerful! You can find it here: http://www.willwereally.com/
  2. Here's a link to the LitTunes Connection which contains a database of book titles and song titles and how they connect.  I learned about it at a conference this fall and was reminded last week.  Nicki had a copy on her computer and then I found the website where you can download it.  I thought you might be interested.
  3. Geof Hewitt sent me a link to a hilarious essay by Garrison Keillor about why people don't read fiction. Read it at http://www.azstarnet.com/sn/mailstory-clickthru/275749.php  Warning: This is rated PG-13 for some violent and explicit content. 
  4. This may be something everyone else knows about--but I just discovered this tool and WOW!  www.goodreads.com .  This is a social networking site for readers--linked to amazon, so when you review a book, you are able to access all the bibliographic information.  Members have the capability of sorting their books on different virtual shelves, and friends can "see" each others' bookshelves.  Access to many, many book lists and different applications.  Facebook for book lovers. 

      5. NEW!!  Writing in the 21st Century: a new report from National Council of Teachers of English.



Proposed Title for Spring 2009 Network Meetings:

     How do Students Learn? How Do Teachers Teach?  Engaging Students in 21st Century Literacies 



K - 3 Leaders' Page - Spring 09


4 - 6 Leaders' Page - Spring 09


7 - 8 Leaders' Page - Spring 09


9 - 12 Leaders' Page - Spring 09




Materials for December 15th Planning Meeting (please print or have available, via laptop, for our meeting): 

     1.  Agenda and Resource Materials

     2.  VPDN PowerPoint

     3.  Marc Prensky's Changing Paradigms article:   21stcenturyteaching.pbwiki.com/Digital+Natives

     4.  Writing NOW -- Policy Research Brief from NCTE -- 2008    http://www1.ncte.org/store/books/writing/130170.htmFrontPage

     5.  21st Century Skills Map for English:  http://www.21stcenturyskills.org/index.php?Itemid=33&id=31&option=com_content&task=view

     6.  In addition bring a laptop (if available), Grade Expectations, and something you may be teaching in January to use while planning.

     7.  New Yorker article by Malcolm Gladwell.




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Laura King said

at 5:27 pm on Jan 16, 2009

Marty and All...
I really like the title! So far, I have done a movement activity, music, and readers theatre all connected to Civil Rights topics, K-3. I am trying to keep all lessons 30 minutes in length and have them include a response component (response through movement, discussion, creating, writing). I'm looking forward to meeting again to discuss...Laura

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